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We protect every invention with the most rigorous patenting strategy. If a patent application has already been submitted or a patent has already been granted, we help strengthen the intellectual property protection, as necessary

bench tests

We perform the most appropriate combination of bench/in vitro tests and in silico tests, involving the best partners in each area. These tests help us to develop prototype and patent


Once the feasibility tests are performed, we take the idea from the inventor’s mind to the prototyper’s bench, aiming to move closer to the large-scale, industrial product that the prototype will become

preclinical tests

In-vivo tests on the prototypes, carried out in compliance with the law and in the laboratories of excellence, allow us to collect preclinical data, which often represent a necessary step to apply for product registration in the future

team building

As the idea approaches proof-of-concept, the incubator team selects the CEO, the CTO and any additional member of the team that will lead the newly-created spin-off and continue the development of the product towards the market

regulatory path

During the incubation process, Cardiovascular Lab develops a regulatory plan to achieve product registration and commercial access to major international markets as efficiently and quickly as possible